So, did Russia hack the elections to catapult Donald Trump into the White House because they feared Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief?

The mainstream media seems certain of it

National Public Radio, ABC News, CBS, CNN, NBC, The New York Times (and many others) seem to think so.  Before the election, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers were hacked.  Wikileaks released many embarrassing emails written by DNC staffers — among which was proof of collusion between the DNC and the media establishment.  Wikileaks firmly states the emails did NOT come from Russia, but who knows?  I certainly wouldn’t trust Julian Assange on that score.  Oddly, Russia was floated then as the culprit by anonymous sources.  But did they do it?  And did they hack the election?

To be frank, my jury is out.  Let me explain why.

Basic agreement

Let’s at least agree on one or two points before going on.  First, before we start accusing people of wrongdoing, we’d better be certain they “did the deed.”  Second, if Russia attempted to influence our elections, then there needs to be unpleasant consequences.  Third, if someone can hack our elections, we need better security from hackers.  Fourth, we want our elections to be fair, honest, and accurate.

I think we can all agree on these.

No agreement here!

But I am now going to reveal a bias of my own.  If Democrats and liberals care about secure elections, they seem to have come to the position lately.  If you care to have citizens (and only citizens) voting only once, why do Democrats and liberals oppose voter ID?  Oh, I know the claim is that it disenfranchises the poor and minority voters, but I have a hard time believing that assertion.  Really.  Think about it.  I just was at a walk-in medical clinic, and I had to show a photo ID.  I am sometimes asked to show ID when using a credit card.  I need it to get a job, too.  How difficult is this, really?  Why oppose it for voting?  I have heard it said, or read it written, that there is no proof that people are voting who shouldn’t vote, or voting more than once, but then I discover articles that say that these things are indeed happening, and they quote chapter and verse — or in this case city and state.

And what about the basement server?

And if Democrats and liberals care so much about security, why did they give Hillary Clinton’s basement server a pass?  If that question angers or annoys you, hear me out.  I work in a classified environment.  I and my employees are trained yearly to correctly handle classified information at a far lower level than the State Department’s Top Secret.  NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Service for those of you who haven’t seen the TV show) actually comes to give us training!  I assure you, if any of my employees had enough money to purchase a server, hire a server administrator, and put a server in their basement attached to an unclassified network and stored classified information on it, they would have lost their clearance and their jobs.  Don’t think it doesn’t happen.  It does.  NCIS would certainly confirm that.

The past actions (or inaction) of the Democrats and a media that has been biased and partial on their behalf makes me suspicious of the claim that Russia turned the election.  This is why I wonder if it is true.  To judge from the many voices out there, I am not alone.

What we need

We need proof.  Real proof.   If it’s true that our election was hacked by Russia, lets’ take decisive action and speak out in the open.  This anonymous innuendo, which some will believe because it feeds their scorn for President-elect Trump, does the country no service.  It only deligitimizes our elections, undermines our confidence in them, and feeds division.

If we care about fair, accurate, and honest elections, then we should care about illegal aliens voting, dead people voting, and people voting “early and often”.  We shouldn’t only care if a foreign country is involved.  We should always care.

If we only care about fair, accurate, honest, and secure elections when we lose, then what does that really say about us as a nation?  Or a political party?


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