The biblical Pharisees are famously known for their hypocrisy.  To judge from the New Testament, God has a particular loathing for this kind of sin, and Jesus reserved some of his most scathing rebukes for those who said one thing and practiced another, or condemned those who practiced a sin and excused their own.  We are all in danger of succumbing to temptation, but the temptation to consider yourself righteous while condemning others strikes believer and unbeliever alike as particularly vile.  It is for this reason, we all need friends who can point out the inconsistencies of our words and our actions and enable us to mend our ways.

And so, it is with no little fear and trembling that I invite my fellow citizens who are Democrats and liberal to examine their behavior in the light of their own words.

First, let me say that if I had children who behaved as Donald Trump has done, I would have gotten the paddle out, provided a stern lecture, and watched as my wife put “Mr. Spoony” to work.  The excuse that Mr. Trump is not a politician goes only so far in my book.  That might excuse not knowing where Aleppo is (as libertarian candidate Johnson did) or even an undiplomatic word or two, but some of the ways he treated his fellow human beings were simply rude and uncivil.  I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy as badly as he has treated people.

But he got away with it, didn’t he?  He will soon be president of the United States.

But I think there are reasons why he survived committing actions and saying things that would have ended the political career of another man.  Stay with me while I explain.

Clarence Thomas

When Clarence Thomas was accused by Anita Hill of sexual harassment, liberals were shocked by his behavior and opposed his confirmation to the Supreme Court.  During the confirmation hearings, four members of the staff, all black women who knew Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill at the time of the alleged harassment, testified that Judge Thomas was nothing but a gentleman to them.  One even accused Ms. Hill of attempting to seduce Mr. Thomas.  All four were vehemently certain that Anita Hill was lying.  If I had not seen these women on television with my own eyes and heard them speak, I would not know they had ever existed.  No mention is made of them in books that document this incident.  At the time, Democrats and feminists hailed Anita Hill’s courage and claimed that women didn’t lie about sexual harassment.

That dubious contention was abandoned for Bill Clinton, wasn’t it?

Bill Clinton

Let me ask some pointed questions of liberals and Democrats.  Do you object to the way Donald Trump treated women?  If so, did you also object to Bill Clinton, who allegedly dropped his drawers to Paula Jones, lied about his extra-marital relationships with Jennifer Flowers, and committed lewd acts with a willing White House intern young enough to be his daughter, only admitting it when the famous blue dressed stained with Presidential DNA appeared?   Did you turn a blind eye when he lied under oath about his affair and lost his law license?  Worse, did you dismiss the allegations made by two Democrats who worked on his campaign?  (Kathleen Wiley asserted that Bill Clinton had groped  her during a private conversation, and Juanita Broaddrick accused the President of actual rape.)  While you might say that some of these accusations are unproven, Donald Trump hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, either.  If you condemn Donald Trump and excuse Bill Clinton, on what grounds do you do so?

Even more disturbing was Bill Clinton’s later association with wealthy but convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  Mr. Epstein owned a Boeing 727 named “The Lolita Express”.  (For those of you who don’t know, Lolita is the name of book by Vladimir Nabokov, deemed a “classic” by some, in which the protagonist has sexual relations with a willing 12-year-old seductress he nicknames “Lolita”.)  Bill Clinton was a passenger on this airplane more than twelve times as a visitor to Mr. Epstein’s island, Little St. James.  (Yes, Mr. Epstein owned an airplane and an entire island!  Perhaps being a sex offender is good business.)  According to log books, Mr. Clinton was accompanied by a woman who “prosecutors believe procured underage girls to service Epstein and others.”  Mr. Clinton said he knew nothing of this, of course.  Perhaps Mr. Clinton didn’t know enough to ask why the airplane was named “The Lolita Express”, but the association would have been enough to discredit another man.

Are you certain that Donald Trump is a racist because the KKK endorsed him?  Mr. Trump repudiated the endorsement, but do you find Mr. Trump suspect simply because of the endorsement?  If so, what about Mr. Clinton’s baker’s dozen of visits to Little St. John island?  Do you believe him when he said he hadn’t a clue?

I know that many Democrats and liberals were appalled at Bill Clinton’s infidelities and his lies, but let’s be honest:  Bill Clinton continues to raise funds for Democrats and receive six-figure payments for each speech.  The story is different on the other side of the aisle.  I would never say that Republicans are free from hypocrisy, but at least the Republican politicians who were embarrassed when their adulteries were revealed either did not win their next primaries or resigned in disgrace.

I submit that Democrats actually helped Donald Trump get elected by lowering the bar of acceptable behavior so far that Donald Trump looks at least no worse that Bill Clinton.

Riots and Recounts

Let me ask one more set of questions.  When President Obama was elected, were there riots?  Did Republicans attempt to convince electors pledged to Barack Obama to vote for McCain?  Did conservatives demand recounts?  Did Georgia threaten to secede?  Earlier this year, liberals and Democrats were appalled — simply appalled — that candidate Trump did not pledge to accept the results of the election.  Democrats (having short memories and forgetting the 2000 election and the Florida recounts initiated by Democrat Al Gore) said that no candidate had ever refused to abide by the results of an election.  But now that Democrats have lost the election, they are refusing to accept its results.  An indignant California is talking about succession.  There have been riots and protests in which angry liberals have blocked streets, set fires, beat bystanders, damaged cars, and otherwise hurt innocent people who may not even have voted for Trump.  There was an open attempt by liberals to convince electors pledged to Trump to vote for someone else.  Jill Stein demanded recounts.

It’s almost a form of rude justice that the recount in Wisconsin found more votes for Donald Trump and lowered votes for Hillary Clinton.  Two electors defected from Trump, but five decided not to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I understand the state from which those five came are considering fines or perjury charges.  Would they do the same for those that defected from Trump?

Double Standards

The double standard strikes me as so obvious that I am disturbed that many liberals and Democrats seem unable to perceive it.  It looks, sadly, as if this hypocrisy knows no shame except when it sees it in someone else.

This is not good for our culture, or our country.  How far can we lower this bar and survive?


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