In earlier blogs titled “Should You Be Concerned” and “Unashamed Hypocrisy”, I addressed what appears to me a disturbing trend in our politics.  The Inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th President has provided me another unwanted opportunity to opine on the same topic.

Riots as “Freedom of Expression”

I, for one, find it disturbing that I have so many opportunities to do so.  The riots during the Inauguration are too unsettling for me to remain silent.

What surprises me is that self-described “Black Lives Matter” activists can act like this and expect it to advance their cause.  Among the stores vandalized was an innocent little Starbucks.  Starbucks, for goodness sake, is hardly a conservative cesspool of capitalists.  Isn’t it as liberal as the day is long?  Did anyone who works in Starbucks even vote for President Trump?  (There must have been one or two, but can anyone find them?)

And a McDonald’s and Bank of America were trashed.  At least this I understand.  Liberals have been at war with McDonald’s for at least 15 years.  And the Bank of America is an evil, corporate entity no doubt filled with conservatives.  Why, is there anyone in Bank of America who voted for Secretary Clinton?  I know of none.  (For those of you who missed the sarcasm in that last sentence, let me point it out to you.)

If only it was just property damage

I hope the McDonald’s was closed, and Ronald and all the children were safe.  Others weren’t so lucky.  One man wearing a Trump hat was struck with a bottle, lost consciousness for a moment, and came to with a gash on his head.  One media outlet reported a woman by the name of Celeste Sollars claimed that she was spit on and her husband “put in a chokehold”  by protesters.  “The cops wouldn’t do anything,” she said, crying. “This is not how it was supposed to be — “.

Well, who can argue with that?

Why didn’t the police do anything?  Are attacks from anti-Trump protestors now acceptable?

Liberal violence?

And why is it only liberals who riot?  I thought they were compassionate.  I thought they were tolerant.  I thought they were broadminded.  I thought they didn’t like violence.  Every time I watch a television show, it’s the conservatives who commit random violence.  The liberals are the good guys on TV.  But every time I look at the news, I see liberals acting like fictional conservatives.

Am I the only one who has noticed this strange dichotomy?

Where is the shock?

Why don’t I hear any liberal outrage?  President Obama said he would speak out whenever our shared values were endangered.  Well, I think one of my values — which I hope he shares — has been threatened:  the one in which we as Americans quietly go about our business after our “team” loses an election and prays for those for whom we didn’t vote.  Will President Obama condemn this violence, or will his response be “nuanced”?

Or don’t liberals share that value?  Sadly, there were over 60 congressional Democrats who didn’t, and they boycotted the Inauguration in self-righteous (but at least peaceful) protest.

This chicken may come home to roost

Like you (I hope), I know people who voted for Donald Trump and others who voted for Hillary Clinton.  I know at least three families who divided their votes.  One of the women who voted for Secretary Clinton was angry that Congressional Democrats would snub our new President.  Her husband voted for him.  She used an unladylike word in expressing her opinion of their actions.  Democrats should listen to this voice, because they are on the verge of losing still another voter.

Anyone who read my past blogs knows that I have great reservations about President Trump, but I have deeper reservations at the way liberals are reacting to this.

This is not how a Republic should operate.  If this continues, the entire fabric of society may be in the control of bullies while the rest of us retreat in fear, afraid to have an unpopular opinion except the one permitted by liberals.

I must say, I prefer my brand of intolerance to this brand of tolerance.



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