News outlets are reporting riots in Berkley over the scheduled appearance of Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos to deliver a speech.  Sadly, colleges, which are supposed to be searching for truth, have a history of protesting conservative speakers on campus.  But this protest was unusually ugly.

In a disturbing echo of the inauguration protests, another poor Starbucks was trashed.  What Starbucks has done to deserve this I’ll never know.  Conservative commentator Todd Starnes indelicately calls the protesters racists because they also threw fireworks and broke windows in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union.   He is calling them homophobes because Mr. Yiannopoulos is gay and xenophobes because Mr. Yiannopoulos is British.  But of course, the problem here isn’t that the rioters don’t like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mr. Yiannopoulos is gay and British.  The problem was that Mr. Yiannopoulos is a conservative.  Apparently, conservatives are expected to hide in corners while more enlightened thought is cogitated and more reasonable speech prevails.

No one was arrested.

You’re probably getting as tired of this as I am.  Berkley is blaming the riots on outside agitators.  Could they be Trump supporters trying to pass themselves off as liberals to discredit Democrats?  Many Trump supporters were attacked, but that could just be a clever disguise.

I think it’s a very good disguise.  One “bloodied and beaten” man, Mr. Starnes claims, had to be rescued by police.  Another simply escaped, leaving his Trump hat behind for rioters to burn. reports that Hollywood director Judd Apatow, commenting on the Berkley riots, tweeted (and then deleted), “This is just the beginning. When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake?”

No one was arrested.

Nancy Pelosi rants that Judge Gorsuch (Trump’s nominee to fill the bench) is racist, homophobic, misogynist, likes dirty air, contaminated water, and — no doubt — pushes old ladies under buses when no one is looking.  I understand that Democrats are angry that Republicans wouldn’t confirm  Judge Merrick Garland, but really!  Isn’t that diatribe a little over the top?

Well, perhaps not by Berkley standards.

I’ve said it in a past blog, but I’ll repeat myself.  Why is it always liberals who riot?  I thought they were compassionate.  I thought they abhorred violence.  I thought they were tolerant.  I thought they were broad-minded.  I thought they championed “civil debate”.  It’s hard to have a debate if the only voices you will permit to speak at your campus are ones with which you agree.  Of course, perhaps that was the point.

And no one was arrested.

I know people of all political persuasions from liberal, libertarian, to conservative.  I’m beginning to be glad I live in a place where people must be clinging to their guns and their religion, because there isn’t anyone rioting over here.  They didn’t riot when President Clinton was elected.  Except for a couple of homemade signs comparing President Bush to Hitler, there was no violence when he was voted into office.  No one threw Molotov cocktails because they didn’t like President Obama’s skin color or the flavor of his politics.  We’ve got our problems, I suppose, but we manage to all live in peace and have the civil debates that are so envied by those on the left.

But then, maybe that’s because we arrest rioters in our unenlightened neck of the woods.





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