Why wait until the first 100 days is over?  How is the new President doing?  I’m sure your opinion depends on what side of the aisle you make your home, but let’s see if we can’t agree on some things.

Trump has been busy fulfilling his campaign promises

In my lifetime, I can’t recall a president who has done this much in the first month.  He obviously intends to do what he said.  I consider that refreshing.  We have a President who is wasting no time.

He has made mistakes because of it

Perhaps because he is moving so quickly, he’s been making mistakes.  Or perhaps its because he’s not a politician.  Whatever the reason, this has been a bumpy ride — but an interesting one.  The roll out of the Immigration executive order is the most salient example.

Some of the mistakes are just plain stupid

Why does President Trump keep saying he won with an electoral college landslide bigger than any president since Regan when just looking at the historical figures would tell him differently?  This makes no sense.  Isn’t there someone in his circle who can say, “Uh … Mr. President, that’s not quite true.”?  And why attack the media when they report accurate leaks?  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

He’s antagonized the mainstream media

But they didn’t like him anyway, so I guess President Trump has decided he doesn’t care.

The mainstream media hate him

With a passion.  President Trump could walk on water, and the media would complain he can’t swim.  He could cure cancer, and they would say he only did it for profit.  He could make peace in the Middle East, and they’d give the credit to President Obama.

The Democrats will do anything to make Trump fail

Do you remember the outrage on the left when Rush Limbaugh said he wanted President Obama to fail?  Well, I guess turnabout is fair play.  The difference here is that Rush Limbaugh couldn’t do anything but talk.  The Democrats are putting up roadblocks and throwing mud hoping it will stick.  We’ll see if they can keep it up for four years.

The alligators in the swamp have sharp teeth

And they are hiding under the water where the new President and his administration can’t see them.  Draining the swamp is easier to say than to do.

President Trump is not a politician

Well, that was obvious before he started his term in office.  Perhaps I should have written “President Trump is not a Diplomat.”  It seems to me he could make his points a little more politely, but it’s also nice to know he isn’t a pushover.

Whatever happens, it won’t be boring

But before this is over, we may all wish it were.


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