I was out reading on the Fox News site, and I saw an article that said claimed to be “A Democrat’s honest look at Trump’s first 100 days.”  I thought the article was a little less than “fair and balanced”, so I thought I’d weigh in.

Honest Disclosure

As anyone who has read this blog would know, I had (and still have) concerns about President Trump.  During the primaries, I was appalled at the way he treated those who were also running for the Republican candidacy.  But when my choices were (1) Hilary Clinton, (2) Donald Trump, or (3) throwing my vote away on a third party candidate with no chance of winning, I put aside my reservations and voted for Donald Trump.

Will someone take his Twitter account away?

First, Donald Trump seems to have no filter.  Someone needs to sidle up to him and tactfully say, “Mr. President, do you really think that it would be good to say that in public?”  Of course, maybe someone is doing just that and  he’s not listening.  (Or worse, he’s listening, and we’re not seeing the really bad stuff.)

That being said, I appreciate the fact that President Trump and his staff call the mainstream media and liberals on their hypocrisy.  Republicans have been reluctant for too long and refused to point the obvious out.  I find the honesty of this administration who calls a spade a “spade” (instead of “an implement sometimes used for transporting dirt, stones, and sundry items”) to be refreshing.On the other hand, there have to be ways to do this respectfully and politely.    Certainly, Sean Spicer’s press briefings are better than most TV shows I’ve seen.

My gosh!  He’s doing things!

I can’t recall in my lifetime a president who has moved so quickly to fulfill his promises.  You might not like what he is doing, but you’ve got to admit he’s doing what he said he’d do.  He might fail to get a health care “repeal and replace” bill passed through the House of Representatives, but at least he’s trying to fulfill his promises.

Oh, and speaking of the health care bill, are Democrats in the house comprised of 8th graders?  National Public Radio gleefully reported that House Democrats taunted Republicans after they passed their health care bill by singing “NaNaNaNa, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.”  Well, even if it was childish, at least they weren’t trashing Starbucks.

Who gets the credit?

Juan Williams explained that President Obama should get the credit for the soaring stock market and the best jobs reports we’ve had in 10 years.  Well, that seems a rather bold statement.  Where was all of this for President Obama’s 8 years in office?  It looks to me like businesses rather appreciate the fact that our country now has a president who has run several businesses, undergone bankruptcy, and wrestled with government regulations.  It would appear they think he’s on their side.

Opaque Transparency

The current White House certainly had a problem in its handling of Mr. Flynn.  It was slow in dealing with his misrepresentations (the polite word for downright lies) and slow in coming clean on it.  This could have been done better.

On the plus side, Mr. Trump said that being a president was harder than he thought it would be.  While the media and liberals everywhere mocked him for saying that, I can’t help but wonder if many a president has thought the same thing.  President Trump’s candor is, perhaps, better than the filter he employs for his tweets.

The Great Compromiser?

Mr. Trump backed down on the Wall, Planned Parenthood funding, de-funding sanctuary cities, and caved to the Democrats, who immaturely began poking him in the eye and explaining how they beat him.  (I wonder if they wave red flags in front of bulls, too?)  Who would have guessed that Mr. Trump could compromise to prevent the government shutting down?  And then the President telegraphed his punches by tweeting that it was time for a good shutdown.  It sounds like the Democrats are willing to give him one.  In the meantime, I’m surprised to learn that Mr. Trump can compromise for the good of the country.  We’ll see if compromise is in the Democrat vocabulary.  Stay tuned for October.  I wouldn’t plan any camping vacations on state lands for that month, if I were you.  And if I were a sanctuary city, I would be very afraid.

Foreign Policy

Who would have expected that Mr. Trump could negotiate with China and actually convince them to reign in North Korea?  While it would appear that North Korea is going to ignore the Chinese, at least we can be relieved that, so far, the North Koreans don’t appear to be able to keep their missiles off the ground.

While I don’t like war, I also have grown tired of the United Nations sending sternly worded communiques to human rights violators like Syria and putting them on the security council to boot.  It’s refreshing to see us do something rather than draw a red line in the sand and ignore it when a country crosses over it.  Despite fears from the left, Mr. Trump hasn’t started World War III.  Well, yet.  But war is better than letting genocide take place.  Isn’t that why President Clinton bombed Serbia?

Domestic Policy

Lowering taxes.  Fixing the Affordable Care Act.  Reforming education.  Rebuilding our infrastructure.  Removing burdensome regulations from businesses.  I’m all for it.  And, again, he appears to be doing what he said he would do.

Does he ever smile?

I work for the Federal government.  Every building in which I work has a picture of the President.  President Obama had a nice, engaging smile in the pictures in our buildings.  President Trump looks — well — angry.  I can picture the cameraman asking, “Mr. President, could you smile for the camera, please?” and President Trump replying, “I am smiling!”

The Final Grade

I give the President a B minus.  While he’s no more perfect than you or I are, and while he needs a new twitter filter, and while he appears and sounds gruff, he also is doing what he said he would do — or trying.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you have to respect that.


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