I was a reluctant voter for Donald Trump.  I didn’t vote for him in the primaries, and I voted for him in the general election only because the alternative struck me as worse.  And so, I’m a little embarrassed to find myself in the position where I am finding myself pushed more and more into his camp.

In past blogs (What is truth? Do we care?, Uncivil Debate, Unashamed Hypocrisy, Should you be concerned?, Congressional targets, Inarguable Inauguration Chaos), I have talked about my concern over the growing violence and over-the-top rhetoric from the left.  I was hoping this would settle down, but I am beginning to worry that it won’t.  Famous actors like Johnny Depp are openly calling for assassination.  I would be ashamed to say something like this in private about anyone, must less our President, much less in public.  Supposedly responsible reporters are saying that Mr. Scalise got what he deserved because of his voting record.

Is this who we want to be as a people?

I recognize that most people aren’t like this.  But I worry that more and more progressives appear increasingly willing to resort to violence as a form of self-expression.  And when violence doesn’t work, they use innuendo.  Here’s a couple of examples.

Why exactly did President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey?

If all you did was listen to National Public Radio (NPR) you would think President Trump stated that he fired James Comey because of the FBI investigation in to Russia and alleged (though unproven) ties to the Trump campaign.  I’ve heard their pundits say so.  Heck, I’ve heard their reporters say so.

But that’s not what I remember.

I remember Mr. Trump saying that Mr. Comey was a grand-stander.  President Trump didn’t like the way Mr. Comey handled the Clinton investigation.  (The Democrats were calling for Mr. Comey’s ouster at the time.)  He had a letter from the Justice Department advising that Mr. Comey be fired.  And then, after President Trump fired Mr. Comey, a reporter asked Mr. Trump if “Russia was on his mind” when he fired Comey.  He said it was.

Being “on his mind” doesn’t mean Trump fired Mr. Comey to impede the Russian investigation.  Mr. Trump, while a political neophyte, had to know that firing Mr. Comey would give his political adversaries ammunition to use against him.  It seems reasonable that it was “on his mind.”

But that’s what Democrats and NPR are saying.  They are calling this an admission that James Comey was fired to obstruct the Russian investigation.  If only they had been half so touchy when President Clinton was trying to decide what the words “alone” and “is” meant.

But what about that classified info Trump gave the Russians?

Mr. Trump railed against Secretary Clinton for her handling of classified information.  And she was certainly negligent.  So, when it was reported that President Trump released classified information to the Russians, NPR pointed out what was, in their opinion, Mr. Trump’s hypocrisy.  But everyone who was at the meeting said Trump had done nothing wrong.  Even NPR admitted that the President is the ultimate classifier.  If he un-classifies something, it is no longer classified.

But we were told that Mr. Trump did it to brag.  Worse, he put an Israeli spy in danger.  It sounded pretty bad — until you found out what it was.

Eventually, we learned that President Trump only told the Russians that ISIS is working on how to make bombs out of laptops so they can get bombs on planes undetected.  That was it.  He was trying to save innocent Russian civilians who might have been endangered by a bomb, and this is what Democrats object to?  Don’t they care about the lives of Russian civilians?

The Israelis didn’t seem concerned, and that put this accusation to bed.

The grilling of Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was grilled by his former colleagues in the Senate.  Obviously he has no friends on the Democratic side.  I managed to catch some of the live feed while driving home.  Diane Feinstein was at least polite.  Senator Ron Wyden was unpardonably rude.  Mr. Sessions responded to Mr. Wyden’s rudeness with (in my opinion) a justifiable rebuke.

The next day, NPR played Mr. Wyden’s question without the preceding rude part, then played Mr. Sessions angry response.  Maybe NPR felt they didn’t have time to play it all, but to only play that section was to hide inexcusable behavior by a Democrat.  And this supposedly passes for balanced journalism in NPR land.

Mr. Sessions response only made sense in the complete context, but no one in NPR put it in that context.  I heard later that other Democrats were even worse.  I can hardly imagine it.

So, will this ever end?

Frankly, I’m tired of this already.  I have voted Democrat in the past, but I’m becoming less and less likely to do so in the future.  I wish I could change my tone, but I’m perplexed.  Behavior that would get a Republican or conservative soundly condemned is being defended when it occurs on the left.  The left seem appallingly tone deaf to their obvious bias.  A Republican sneezes, and they accuse him of starting a plague.  A Democrat and an intern diddle in the Oval office, and they do not seem to care.

It’s going to be a long four years if this continues.  And if the violence does not stop, they may be dangerous ones.



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