I recently listened to the abridged book on tape Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.  For those who might be too young to remember, Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009.  During John McCain’s run for the presidency against then Senator Obama, Senator McCain chose Sarah Palin for his running mate.

I was surprised to discover several disturbing echos between 2008 and our current political culture.


Did you know that Sarah Palin’s personal emails, and those of her family and friends were hacked?  The media broadcast personal conversations between Mrs. Palin and her daughter concerning her displeasure with her daughter’s out-of-wedlock birth and the pain of discovering that their youngest son, Trig, was a Down Syndrome child.  I didn’t know this happened, and I was paying attention at the time.

I’m assuming that I didn’t know simply because the hacker was embarrassing to the Democratic party, and the media didn’t want to repeat it over and over again, as they do with Republicans.

The 20-year-old son of a longtime Democratic congressman was behind the hacking.  He was tried and convicted, placed in a minimum security prison and later in a halfway house to serve out a “year and a day” sentence.  He was looking for the dirt, but he admitted that all he found was personal stuff.  He posted it all on the internet, and the media (who normally would be aghast at this invasion of privacy) then broadcast it for everyone to see.

Well, unlike the slurs of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, this hacking was investigated, tried, and convicted.  And it didn’t take over a year to investigate, either.  I wonder if the charges of spying and unmasking leveled against President Obama’s White House will come to a similar conclusion?

Ethics charges

Liberals and Democrats filed ethics charge after ethics charge against Mrs. Palin.  One by one, they were all adjudicated to be groundless, but they kept coming.  The media loudly reported each one as it was filed, but was less diligent to report their dismissal.  Eventually, Mrs. Palin paid reimbursement money just to stop one of the cases from draining taxpayer resources, only to discover that the media was now claiming she was found guilty of one of the charges — something that wasn’t true.

Mrs. Palin asserted in her book that the media reported horrible, completely untrue and unfounded accusations about her and her family from “reputable sources” that were, she claims, no more reputable than Democratic bloggers who hated her.  One of those was that Trig, her Down Syndrome son, wasn’t really hers, but one of her daughter’s, and she was pretending it was hers to avoid the familial embarrassment.  It seemed that no matter how often her doctor affirmed that Trig was Sarah Palin’s son, there was always someone who would resurrect the accusation.

Eventually, to spare the taxpayers of Alaska from the expense and her family and constant barrage of charges, she resigned as governor of Alaska.

I can’t help but draw a parallel with the current flurry of lawsuits and media accounts alleging wrongdoing by President Trump.  They sound bad until you investigate, and then you are forced to conclude there is nothing there.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog  Will this never end? (Apparently Not.) it seems to have no end.  You can ascertain for yourself that these charges are without foundation based simply on the fact that Mr. Trump is not yet in jail, because, certainly, if the Democrats, liberals, never-Trumpers, and media could prove any of this, that’s where he’d be!

But it continues.  Perhaps they are hoping Mr. Trump will resign just avoid the constant harassment.  I am hoping he perseveres.  No one should be harried out of office by half-truths, lies, innuendos, and just plain nastiness.

Things you didn’t know about Sarah Palin and why you should care

Did you know Sarah Palin’s cabinet when she was governor consisted of Democrats and independents as well as Republicans?  Did you know that she opposed “big oil” and forced them to follow through on their commitments?  Did you know she opposed corruption among her fellow Republicans?

I didn’t know it either, because the media simply never reported it.  I wonder how many positive things we don’t know about Mr. Trump because those things aren’t being reported?

When the media becomes an advocate for one side, how are we really to know what is happening?  And that’s why you should care.



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