Now, finally approaching the 6th decade of my life, why do I start a blog?

My wife and eldest son insisted, and they wouldn’t give the idea up.  It would help sell my books, they reasoned.  But it struck me as rather self-serving to just write a blog in order to sell books, and when do I have time to write a blog if I’m writing books and music?  What does a man with interests that vary from politics, religion, comic books, classical music, children’s books, Broadway musicals, stage plays, morality, and history do with a blog?  Well, he writes whatever he wants, but he does it every Saturday when he’s off work.

I am a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania with a BA major in English combined with classes in music and computer programming and a master’s certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  I have cleaned bathrooms, dug ditches, served as a sketching and cartooning instructor, asked if you want fries with that, sold power tools and exercise equipment at Sears, and have worked in a Computer Design Agency for the United States Navy in a variety of capacities, currently as a first level supervisor and project manager.

My first two musicals were performed in the area, my Christian music has been performed by a local group, I’ve been commissioned to write music for a church bicentennial, I’ve premiered more than 30 works for young orchestra for the Central Pennsylvania Home School orchestra I conduct as an unpaid volunteer, and I am now a happy grandfather.

And I have short stories, novelettes, novellas, and eight books on — with two more on the way.  All of them can be purchased if you have a Kindle or Kindle app, and many can also be purchased in printed form.  Select “books” from and then search for “by Barry Clay”.  You’ll see everything I have in the first four or five pages, along with “Modeling by Clay” and “The Haunting of Barry Allen.”  My books avoid profanity and range from theology, to mystery, science fiction, horror, and humor.  I like variety, and perhaps you do, too.